Message from Cara Krezek, President of CEWIL

Dear CEWIL Members,

As we celebrate the holiday season and close in on the end of a decade, let me first say thank you to all CEWIL volunteers, members and partners. The last few years have seen unprecedented growth in WIL; resources, support, frameworks, curriculum, technology, and attention across the country.  Much of this has created an immense amount of passionate work and focus delivering quality WIL programming at the institutional and national level – in industry, PSE and government.

It is through the vision, tireless efforts, and work of those within this ecosystem that has allowed us to accomplish all that we have. As we continue to focus on leading WIL in Canada – we do so with an eye on quality and building capacity as a nation.  We all care about how WIL impacts various stakeholders from students to community/industry partners, and ultimately how in Canada, we work to ensure our country has a pipeline of sophisticated talent who will contribute to the future of our country.  Thank you for all that you do every day to contribute to this very complex network.

Wishing you and your families’ a happy and safe holiday season & continued success in 2020


Cara Krezek

2019-2020 National President

2019 Highlights

2020 Initiatives

Quality Improvement Council established

Co-op & WIL Month – March 2020

Strategic Plan adopted

Conference in St. John's – July 2020

New association management contracted – Redstone

Data-collection, distribution & policies

Ottawa Symposium & 3rd National Conversation on WIL hosted in June

Research- focus & support

Awarded CICan “Outstanding Partner”

Professional Development for all types of WIL

Federal WIL funding expanded by $798 million

WIL Hub expansion

Received RBC Future Launch funding for WIL Hub – WIL hub launched in Fall

Campus Connect advisory & liaison

WIL Quality Framework by Dr. Norah McRae

Representation from all stakeholders in membership
New website launched Committee & By-law review
New voting structure adopted Partnerships in WIL ecosystem
CEWIL signed commitment to Global Charter on WIL SWPP & Innovative WIL
Research grant increased from $5k to $10k Volunteer & Membership recognition and more to come!!!
Many WIL partnerships formed nationally