National Conference

The national conference is typically organized by one of the constituent regions or a group of membership institutions within a region. Regions and groups of membership institutions interested in organizing the conference are required to submit a proposal to host the national conference as outlined below. Planning should begin two and one half years before the conference takes place with the announcement of the next conference location occurring in time to provide promotion at the current Conference already in the planning stages. The CAFCE biennial conference is normally scheduled in August.

Pictures from past conferences can be found here.

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ACE/CACEE/CAFCE Joint Conference, "Better Together"
May 28 - 31, 2017

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Moncton 2016, "Attracting the Best Talent"


Halifax 2004, "Passing Tradition Forward"

Hurricane Juan destroyed many trees in Nova Scotia and therefore a donation was made to have a tree was planted in Cornwallis Park (Halifax, NS).

Niagara Falls, 2008, "Ride the Co-op Current"

A donation was made to the Teen Esteem Program (Business Education Council of Niagara).

Charlottetown, 2010, "Planting Seeds and Watching them Grow"

A donation was made to the LM Montgomery Land Trust.