Bridging the Gap to 2022 in St. John’s Webinar #2

The Evolution of WIL: Going Beyond Field Placements  -  And  -  Redefining Co-op Work Term Reflection: A Collaboration Among Co-op, Career & Experiential Education



The Evolution of WIL: Going Beyond Field Placements - The academic journey of every student was changed by COVID19 and one of the areas most impacted was Work-Integrated-Learning. The Faculty of Social and Community Services committed to finding ways to ensure students were not stranded in their studies when the majority of community partners ceased placements. This presentation will outline how applied projects focused on social innovation took the place of traditional placements while ensuring key learning outcomes were still achieved. Examples of projects will be shared, including insights that have informed the evolution of the Project Library as we move forward and beyond traditional field placements.


Derek Stockley and Corina Ivory - Derek is the Senior Dean for the Faculty of Social and Community Services and the Principal of the Lakeshore Campus at Humber College. He combines 16 years of postsecondary experience with a decade as a family therapist to help lead innovations in the Ontario college sector including a League of Innovation award for his work on WIL curriculum. Corina is the Manager of Placements and Partnerships for the Faculty of Social and Community Services, Work-Integrated Learning Centre at Humber College.  With over 15 years working in the field of social and community services, Corina brings this perspective to the world of WIL in managing a range of partnerships in the fields of addictions and mental health, behavioral science, criminal and community justice, child and youth care, policing, community development and social services.


Redefining Co-op Work Term Reflection - Recognizing the increasing demand for post-secondary institutions to prepare graduates for the “future of work” and ever-changing labour market needs, co-op and WIL professionals are innovating ways to improve students’ ability to connect experience to skills. Through this session, we will be sharing how Brock collaborates among Co-op, Experiential and Career Curriculum teams to integrate the institution’s competency framework into our co-op work term report and student reflection and how this will strengthen students’ approach and ability to be reflective. Our session will allow participants to view the co-op work term and similar WIL opportunities through the lens of high-quality experiential pedagogy. Participants will explore how reflective practice and student self-assessment can be used as a vehicle to enhance a student’s understanding of how their skills are developing and how they apply in the workplace.


Christine Eaton and Laura Fyfe - Christine is an innovative Career Development Consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in adult education, well versed in curriculum development and evaluation, facilitation, and creating resources. Through the facilitation of the Co-op Professional Preparation course, Christine lives her passion for helping students recognize their true potential. Laura is a Skills Translation Coordinator Laura is a Skills Translation Coordinator and a research-focused professional who is passionate about continuous learning. In her role, Laura facilitates meaningful connections between skills, education, and an ever-evolving labour market. Laura has been at the forefront of developing the campus-wide competency framework which will create a foundation for students to link their academic experiences to employment.

4/20/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
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