Grant Recipients

2016: "An 'audit' of strategies successful co-operative education students employ during CPA Recruit"

Researcher: Candy Ho, Faculty, Co-operative Education (School of Business) and Educational Studies (Faculty of Arts)
Research presented at "Better Together 2017 - Joint Conference by ACE/CACEE/CEWIL (formerly CAFCE)"


Annually, thousands of hopeful accounting students go through the recruitment process facilitated by their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) professional association. Yet, there is little to no research studying their experience in this competitive process, let alone discovering the strategies that students employed to secure coveted positions working in an accounting firm.

Recipient of the 2016 CAFCE Research Grant, this qualitative study explored the lived-experience of students who were successful in securing CPA positions and compared their experience to their unsuccessful counterparts. This session will discussed its findings and recommendations to improve recruitment practices, curricular and co-operative educational components in accounting and business programs.

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2012:  Sponsored by Centre for the Advancement of Co-operative Education (WatCACE)

CAFCE is proud to announce that the 2012 CAFCE Research Grant has been awarded to Rebecca Newhook from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

"Co-operative Coordinators' Perception of Risk in Co-operative Education in Canada"

(To be presented in 2014)

2010: Sponsored by Education at Work-Ontario (EWO)

“Spatial Analysis and Prediction of Co-op Job Distribution and Demand using Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Data Mining”


Dr. Alexander Brenning, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management
Mr. Grant O’Neill, Assistant Director, Planning and Financial Management, Co-operative Education & Career Services
Mr. Terry Goodenough, Business Analyst, Planning and Financial Management, University of Waterloo. 

(Presented at the CAFCE AGM on October 23, 2012)

The research committee recommended this submission for the following reasons:

  • The research is original and leverages the strengths of a proven science to apply to co-operative education job development
  • It has wide applicability and can benefit all co-operative education institutions
  • The CAFCE research grant would be the primary source of funding (and hence the research may not occur without CAFCE support)
  • The predictive modeling features are interesting and may result in the ability to gain unexpected, byproduct data useful to co-op practitioners as well as future research

2009: Sponsored by Concordia University Institute for Co-operative Education

"Seeing Cooperative Education: A Study of the Lived Experiences of Co-operative Education Students as Seen and Understood by Co-op Students, Staff, and Myself"(.ppt)

Researcher: Jeela Jones, University of Ottawa
(CAFCE 2010 Conference Power Point Presentation)

Each year, students enrolled in the University of Ottawa Co-operative Education  Programs live the experience of preparing for work terms. In this period of pre-employment, traditionally not regarded as meaningful to co-op experience, students are asking themselves important questions like, "What do I have to do to get a job?" and "What do I want to be?"  As a co-op practitioner I am privy to some of these experiences but I wonder what is not fully seen and understood, and so through photography and story I seek the humanness of students' lived experiences of preparing for work and what emerges along their journey of breathing continuity.

In this presentatin I will share the early findings from this study including the thoughts, words and photographich images gathered by the participating students and I as the students prepared for their first co-op work term.


The Use of a Blogging Community to Prompt Learner Reflection during Co-operative Education Work Terms(.ppt)

Principal Researcher: Sandra Birrell, Simon Fraser University
(CAFCE 2009 WACE Conference Power Point Presentation)


1. A 360-Degree Assessment Model for Fostering Reciprocal Development of Professional Behaviors and Communication Skills Across Academic and Cooperative Education Experiences  (.pdf)

Hayward and Blackmer 2007 CAFCE Grant Report  (.pdf)

Researchers: Dr. Lorna Hayward and Dr. Betsey Blackmer, Northeastern University
(Presented at the 2008 Conference)

2.  Comparing Employability Between Native English Speakers and English Language Learners in a Co-operative Program at a Large Canadian University 

Researchers: Christine Arsenault and Renée Janes-Reid, University of Toronto
(Presented at the 2008 Conference)