Number of Work Terms

The criteria regarding the required number of work terms imply that a minimum of three work terms is required in order for university programs to be accredited. What does this mean for a two-year college diploma program?

Programs of Two Years or Less

CEWIL Canada’s definition of co-operative education specifies that the time spent on work terms must be no less than 30% of the time spent in academic study. For co-op internships with a single work period, the same 30% rule applies.

The following was approved at the CAFCE Annual Meeting on October 29, 2015:

While the total amount of coop work experience is normally at least 30% of the time spent in academic study, for programs of two years or less, the total amount may be a minimum of 25%.  For programs to meet the 25% requirement, a work term is defined as a minimum 12 weeks and/or 420 hours full-time, paid experience.

To view the updated alternating work term program length document click here.