Fair Treatment Policy

One of the goals of CEWIL Canada is to ensure that all members and staff work and volunteer in an environment that is supportive of scholarship, research and the free and open exchange of ideas. CEWIL Canada is committed to creating an atmosphere where all members of the association are treated fairly. The Association strives to protect and promote the dignity of individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs. CEWIL Canada is committed to ensuring a work environment that is free from harassment (based on prohibited grounds of discrimination under the various federal and provincial human rights codes).

The purpose of this Fair Treatment Policy, further referred to as “Policy” in this document, is to identify the characteristics of abuse, exploitation, harassment, and discrimination and to establish procedures for dealing with them. This Policy is thus designed to educate and alert all members of the Association to the existence of abuse, exploitation, harassment, and discrimination, their negative impact on interpersonal interactions, and on the resources and operation of the Association.

This Policy covers all members of the Association, including the Board of Directors, members and volunteers, and visitors in the performance of their Association-related duties and activities in and out of the CEWIL Canada Head Office. Visitors to the office of CEWIL Canada are expected to adhere to the provisions of this Policy and may be the subject of a complaint under this Policy.

All office staff, Board of Directors, and members have the responsibility of ensuring that the Association’s working environment is free from harassment. Additionally, all employees and volunteers are expected at all times to engage in appropriate business conduct so that a working environment free from harassment is maintained. Anyone known to have engaged in harassment of another person shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Anyone wishing to make a complaint of workplace harassment may do so by contacting CEWIL Canada’s . Initially, discussions of a complaint will be confidential. However, if an investigation is begun, the complainant’s identity and the details of the complaint will be made known to the alleged harasser.

As representatives of CEWIL Canada and regional associations, volunteer forums for promoting Canadian post-secondary education programs, volunteer members, and employees may at times be actively involved in dealing with the public, including young people, the elderly, and people with disabilities. As a volunteer association, CEWIL Canada is committed to protecting the interests of all participants in CEWIL Canada activities.

Download a copy of the Fair Treatment Policy.