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Co-op Program Directory

The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.



Co-operative Education Week


Highlight March 19 - 23, 2018 on your calendar to celebrate Co-operative Education Week!

Students across Canada will be encouraged to participate in a nationwide social media contest. More details will be provided soon.

Co-operative education has been working in Canada for well over 50 years with no sign of slowing down.  With over 80,000 co-op students in Canada, organizations are able to tap into a remarkable resource of newly developed skill sets, while at the same time enhancing their workforce by meeting a variety of staffing requirements.  Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL Canada) is a resource for co-op practitioners across Canada. Its on-line Co-op Directory is a useful tool for students and employers interested in co-operative education.  CEWIL Canada is more than 490 members strong from colleges, universities, government and business who actively advocate and promote post-secondary co-operative education at the post-secondary level.

We encourage you to celebrate co-op successes and student achievements during Co-operative Education Week. Have an open house and invite all departments from your institution, submit articles to your local newspaper and school newspaper, send out a newsletter, do a show on the local cable channel, highlight co-op on your schools website, offer to speak at departmental, community meetings on the benefits of co-op..and don’t forget to take a couple of co-op students. Be creative and innovative. We are all experiencing economic uncertainties which is causing enormous challenges in job development and recruitment for co-op positions. It is important to get the co-op message out there and demonstrate that co-op is alive and well.

Media and Promotional Activities:

  • Publish an article in your local college/university newspaper featuring a Co-op Student at their workplace;
  • Publish advertisements in local newspapers recognizing your Co-op Employers and Co-operative Education program;
  • Feature a Co-op Student (or your Co-op Student of the Year recipient) on your campus radio station regarding their Co-operative Education experiences;
  • List Co-op Employer profiles and their history with your Co-operative Education program in your internal/external newsletters as well as on your web site;
  • Participate in a “Phone-Blitz” to encourage new companies/organizations to hire your Co-op Students;
  • Attend a trade show or company seminar to network with industry professionals;
  • Include Co-op Students when promoting your Co-operative Education program on/off campus;
  • Set up a Co-op Awareness Booth on campus to attract non-Co-op Students at your college/university or local highschool.
  • Create a contest

Social Activities:

  • In the spirit of continuing partnerships, arrange a social event for Co-op Employers, Faculty, Staff, and Students to mingle. Activities may include hosting an Open-House, a Wine-and-Cheese Reception, a Co-op Party, a Coffee & Cake Break, a Pizza Party, a Fundraiser for a local charity, or a BBQ;
  • Strengthen Co-op Employer and Student relationships by facilitating fun events such as a "Co-op Olympic Games" where they compete against each other;
  • Recognize Co-op Employers at a breakfast/luncheon/dinner and invite an established Employer as your Keynote Speaker; and
  • Host a Co-op Student Résumé Clinic or roundtable and invite Co-op Employers to participate.
  • Have your mayor or provincial government proclaim March 14-18, 2016 as "National Co-operative Education Week". 

Co-op Student and Employer Recognition Awards:

  • Create your own college/university Co-op Student the Year Award (Getting Started) and invite your Co-op Employers to nominate their outstanding Co-op Student employee(s);
  • Honour your Co-op Student of the Year recipient with a cash award/plaque/certificate during National Co-operative Education Week;
  • Nominate your college/university Co-op Student of the Year recipient for the national CEWIL Canada Co-op Student of the Year Award;
  • established Co-op Employers by recognizing them with a plaque/certificate during National Co-operative Education Week; and
  • highlight your institution's Co-op Student of the Year winner on your institution's homepage.

Previous activities:

  • CEWIL Canada Co-op Week (2012) Social Media Contest  http://www.linkedin.com/groups/CAFCE-Coop-Week-4338614
    Sinan Leylek ~ CEWIL Canada Grand Prize Winner ($200 Future Shop Gift Certificate)
  • March 22, 2012, Glen R. Murray, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities announced National Co-operative Education Week (2012) to the Ontario Legislative Assembly (Statement to the Legislative Assembly .PDF)
  • March 16, 2012,  Ed Holder, Member of Parliament announced National Co-operative Education Week (2012) on the floor of the House of Commons
  • 2011 Mayor of Barry, Ontario's proclamation (2011) (.PDF)
  • 2005 Tsunami Donation to the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), $2,050.00