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Co-op Program Directory

The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.



University of Waterloo

Sharon Meyer
Executive Assistant

Co-operative and Experiential Education

200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON
Canada N2L 3G1

TEL: 519.888.4567 ext: 33576

E-mail: sharon@uwaterloo.ca

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E-mail: sharon@uwaterloo.ca

Institution Type: University
Region: Ontario
Key Contact: Yes

Other Contacts

  • Siobhan Brennan-Marciniak, Student Advisor
  • Erica Refling, Graduate Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action
  • Margaret Adaran, Student Advisor
  • Noor Al Jalam, Senior Program Assistant
  • Saja Al-Biladi, Career Advisor
  • Suman Armitage, Director, Communications & Marketing
  • Dianne Bader, Director, Co-op and Experiential Services
  • Victoria Bambrick, Experiential Learning and Career Development Coach, School of Accounting and Finance
  • Steve Barr, Student Advisor
  • Jennifer Basler, Student Advisor
  • Melissa Beutler, Executive Assistant to Dr. Norah McRae
  • Phil Bezaire, Faculty Relations Manager
  • Kelly Boucher, Student Advisor
  • Melissa Braedley, Career Advisor
  • Nicole Brandt, Student Advisor
  • Lauren Broderick, Career Advisor
  • Terri Brot, Student Advisor
  • Janice Bruin, Faculty Relations Manager
  • Andrew Brunet, Project Lead / Research Associate, Centre for Career Action / AccessAbility Services
  • Emily Burgess, Business Developer , Co-operative & Experiential Education
  • Marion Canning, Regional Manager, Co-operative Education
  • Jeff Chamberlain, Account Manager
  • Nancy Chiang, Account Manager
  • Natalie Chow, Instructional Support Coordinator, Waterloo Professional Development Program (WatPD)
  • Susan Cole, Manager, Internships and Experiential Learning, Internships and Experiential Learning
  • Linda Davis, Career Advisor
  • Scott Davis, Faculty Relations Manager
  • Domenica De Bilio, Director, Employment Relations
  • Evana Delay, Instructional Support Coordinator, Waterloo Professional Development Program (WatPD)
  • Phil Demsey, Student Advisor
  • Katie Denomme, Career Advisor
  • David Drewery, Research Co-ordinator
  • Maureen Drysdale, Associate
  • Peggy Eichinger, Regional Manager
  • Gloria Eid, Student Advisor, Coopearative Education & Career Action
  • Chris Engel, Student Advisor
  • Dana Evans Laity, Marketing Outreach Manager
  • David Everest, Student Advisor
  • Stephanie Facca, Student Advisor
  • Anne Fannon, Director, Professional Development Program (WatPD)
  • Gonenc Fenton, Student Advisor
  • Justine Fifield, Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action
  • Anne Freemark, Regional Manager
  • Victoria Gadon, Student Advisor, Co-operative Education & Career Action
  • Tanya Gillert, Career Advisor
  • Pat Graf, Office Assistant, Co-operative and Experiential Education
  • Marlene Griffith Wrubel, Student Advisor
  • Vickie Groh, Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator, Communications and Marketing
  • Margaret Grosch, Student Advisor
  • Jaclyn Halliwell, Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action
  • Cassie Harrison, Communications and Marketing Associate, Marketing and Communications
  • Julie Hartley, Account Manager
  • Jayne Hayden, Career Advisor
  • Linda Heck, Student Advisor, CECA
  • Luke Henderson, Student Advisor
  • Joseph Henhoeffer, Executive Officer
  • Celeste Horne, International Student Advisor, Co-operative Education and Career Action
  • Deb Iler, Administrative Assistant
  • Shabnam (Shay) Ivkovic, Manager - International Employment
  • Derek Jajko, Student Advisor
  • Rachel Jenson, Career Advisor
  • Shandy Johnston, Student Advisor
  • Margaret Johnston, Business Developer
  • Ross Johnston,, Executive Director, Co-operative Education
  • Alnoor Karsan, International Manager
  • Erin Kelly, Associate Director, Waterloo Professional Development (WatPD)
  • Alison Kent-Korell, Student Advisor
  • Tammy Kim, Student Advisor
  • Sharon Kimberley, Analyst
  • Sarah Kitsemetry, Account Manager
  • Jasmine Koblik, Student Advisor
  • Sandor Koso, Account Manager
  • Bill Kovessy, Business Developer
  • Kaitlyn Kraatz, Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action
  • Cathy Lac-Brisley, Manager, Integrated Accounts
  • Joan Lam, Account Manager
  • Jessica Lang, Manager, EDGE Program, WatPD
  • Kerry Lazenby, Account Manager
  • Carolyn Lee, Business Developer, Co-operative Education
  • Derek Leung, Digital Engagement Specialist, Communications & Marketing
  • Taryn MacLean, Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action
  • Ryck Marciniak, Student Advisor, Co-operative Education and Career Action
  • Karleigh Masney, Career Advisor
  • Natalie Mathieson, Experiential Learning Coordinator, Faculty of Arts
  • Terry Matthews, Account Manager
  • Cynthia McClare, Student Advisor, CECA
  • Ben McDonald, EDGE Instructional Support Coordinator, Waterloo Professional Development (WatPD)
  • Diane McKelvie, Student Advisor
  • Kevin McMahon, Experiential Learning and Career Development, School of Accounting and Finance
  • Norah McRae, Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education
  • Zac Mercer, Student Advisor
  • Keith Middleton, Student Advisor
  • Noor Mirza, President Political Science Student Association, Political Science, University of Waterloo
  • Cheyenne Mitchell, EDGE Program Assistant , Waterloo Professional Development (WatPD)
  • Sami Nakhoul, Student Advisor
  • Mary Neil, Manager, EDGE Program, WatPD
  • Carol Ann Olheiser, University Employment Manager
  • Easton Page, Instructional Support Co-ordinator, WatPD
  • Paul Pasternak, Student Advisor
  • Laurie Peloquin, Student Advisor
  • Colleen Phillips-Davis, Account Manager
  • Melissa Plouffe, Account Manager
  • Jennifer Power-Johnson, Student Advisor, Employment Relaions
  • Judene Pretti, Director
  • Cathy Richardson, Service Manager
  • Sheila Maria Rodriquez, Student Advisor
  • Montse Sanzsole, Account Manager
  • Diane Schunk, Account Manager
  • Sandra Shantz, International Emplloyment Specialist
  • Donna Shin, Account Manager
  • Eva Skuza, Career Advisor, Centre for Career Action
  • Gabrielle Smith, Co-op Student Experience Manager
  • Erin Smith, Associate Director, Program Improvement, Professional Development Program
  • Jeremy Steffler, Faculty Relations Manager
  • Cathy Stein, International Employment Specialist
  • Susan Stewart, Program & Process Manager
  • Kari Pasick Stewart, Manager, Strategic Communications, Co-operative Education
  • Cathy Taylor, Operations Manager
  • Shannon Taylor, Career Advisor
  • Wanda Taylor, Analyst, Co-operative and Experiential Education
  • David Thiessen, Career Advisor, Cooperative Education and Career Action
  • Brent Thornhill, Communications Specialist
  • Christine Thur, Student Advisor
  • Karen Vandenberg, Account Manager
  • Nancy Waite, Associate Director, Practice-Based Education
  • Chantal Wall, Student Advisor
  • Judi Whitfield, Student Advisor
  • Richard Wikkerink, Director, Student and Faculty Relations, Co-operative and Experiential Education
  • Susan Willsie, Associate Director , Professional Development Program (WatPD)
  • Valerie Wilson, Account Manager
  • Jennifer Woodside, Director
  • Lisa ter Woort, Account Manager