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Co-op Program Directory

The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.



Simon Fraser University

Tanya Behrisch
Program Manager (Acting) Co-op Education Business

Business - WMX2617

8888 University Drive, MBC 1150
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5A 1S6

TEL: 778-782-6897
FAX: 778-782-5922

E-mail: behrisch@sfu.ca

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E-mail: behrisch@sfu.ca

Institution Type: University
Region: British Columbia
Key Contact: Yes

Other Contacts

  • Barbara Adler, Coordinator, Work Integrated Learning
  • Greig Baird, Graduate Coordinator
  • Afshan Basaria, Coordinator, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Darleen Bemister, Program Manager
  • Stuart Billings, Coordinator - Co-op Education (Biology/Math/Data Science)
  • Kamal Binpal, Co-op Coordinator
  • Harriet Chicoine, Program Manager, Co-op Education-Engineering
  • Jacqueline Craig, Career Advisor , Work Integrated Learning
  • Shannon Danson, Coordinator,Co-op Education, Engineering
  • Anita Dapaah, Coordinator, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Paul DeGrace, Coordinator-Environment, Co-op Education-Science
  • Stephanie DeRapp, Coordinator, Mechatronics, Co-op Education Engineering
  • Cristina Eftenaru, Coorindator, Co-op Education - Computing Science
  • Natalie Erickson, Co-op Coordinator - Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • Michelle Fordham, Coordinator, Co-op Education-Arts
  • Marion Gasbarro, Co-op Advisor & Coordinator, Science & Environment Co-op
  • Stephanie Greaves, Coordinator, Co-op Education
  • Chelsea Hunter, Coordinator, Work Integrated Learning
  • Andrew Jenkins, Coordinator,Co-op Education, Engineering
  • Nancy Johnston, Vice Provost & Associate-Vice President, Students & International (acting), Student Services
  • Liesl Jurock, Coordinator, Co-op Education
  • Muriel Klemetski, Acting Executive Director
  • Eunice Koh, Co-op Student Career Advisor, Co-op Education
  • Amy Lee, Coordinator, Co-op Education International
  • Eva Lewis, Coordinator, Co-op Education-Arts
  • Gwen Litchfield, Program Manager, Science & Environment Co-op
  • Susan Mandley, Coordinator-MBB, Co-op Education-Science
  • Ryan McDonald, Coordinator, Co-op Education-Business
  • Darelle Odo, Coordinator, Work Integrated Learning
  • Barbara Peachey, Assistant to the Director, Co-operative Education
  • Bobbie Reilly, Coordinator, Co-op Education-Business
  • Andrea Sator, Coordinator, Bridging On Line
  • Paula Scott, Coordinator, Professional Master's Program, Big Data, Computing Science
  • Sara Sethna, Coordinator, Co-op Education
  • Isabella Silvestre, Coorindator, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Sue Stanley, Program Manager
  • Sage Testini, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
  • Shauna Tonsaker, Program Manager, Co-op Education Business
  • Heather Williams, Co-operative education co-ordinator