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Co-op Program Directory

The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.



British Columbia Institute of Technology

Cynthia Maclean
Program Head

Centre for Workplacement Education

3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5G 3H2

TEL: 604.432.8291
FAX: 604.434.5192

E-mail: cynthia_maclean@bcit.ca

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E-mail: cynthia_maclean@bcit.ca

Institution Type: Institute
Region: British Columbia
Key Contact: Yes

Other Contacts

  • Earl Anderson, Co-operative Education Coordinator
  • Susanna Kan, Co-operative Education Coordinator, Centre for Workplace Education
  • Yasmin Kanani, Co-operative Education Coordinator, Student Success
  • Jeff Otto, Co-operative Education Coordinator
  • Jennifer Weintraub, Co-op Coordinator