CEWIL Webinar: Cultural Intelligence: An Essential Tool For Our EDI Work

February 23, 2021, 12:00 - 4:00 PM

Session Description:

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, is one’s ability to work and relate effectively in diverse cultural settings. It is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness for culturally diverse situations.

This session will develop your understanding of cultural intelligence, how you can develop your own capability for success in diverse cultural contexts, and how CQ can support your EDI work. Participants will have the opportunity to complete a CQ self-assessment prior to the start of the course.

More information on how to access this will be sent via email upon registration.

Speaker name: Karima Ramji


Karima’s contributions to work integrated learning (WIL) span over two decades. She currently serves as Associate Director, International, Indigenous and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Victoria's Co-operative Education Programs and Career Services. She is an active researcher and has co-authored journal articles on intercultural competency development in WIL. A Certified Advanced Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Professional, Karima espouses values of pluralism and servant leadership in all she does, and contributes to international development, poverty alleviation and community development through various community service engagements locally and internationally. 


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