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Student of the Year Award (2018)

posted on November 16, 2018

Guidelines for 2018 Student of the Year Award


CEWIL Canada is looking to celebrate university and college students who participated in co-op and other forms of WIL in 2018 and you can help!   Submit nominations for two separate categories: WIL (Co-op) Student of the Year (2018) and WIL (Other Forms) Student of the Year (2018) to the CEWIL Canada office ( by Friday, January 25, 2019 at 4:00 PM (ET).  Each member institution is able to submit up to two nominations (one for each category).  Each winning student (2 from colleges and 2 from universities) will receive $1,000.  All nominees, their institutions, and employers will be acknowledged by CEWIL Canada in various ways.

The CEWIL Student of the Year Committee revised student nomination information for 2018 in line with our expanded mandate and in response to member feedback. Please read the new nomination guidelines thoroughly.  The nomination criteria has changed and the nomination process is simplified.   Nominees will be assessed on how their WIL experience positively impacted them, and how they have impacted their employer and their academic institution.  All applications must follow the current year's nomination process.  

Please share these revised guidelines with your campus teams. The new “WIL (Other Forms) Student of the Year” category will provide an opening to introduce our association to multiple units on your campuses and share the work that we do.  

We look forward to receiving your nominations by Friday January 25, 2019, 4 PM EST.

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