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SWILP: Update from BioTalent Canada

posted on August 2, 2017

Two weeks ago, CAFCE was informed by some members about some confusion regarding an Industry Association offering “Academic Partnerships” to CAFCE members as part of the SWILP Program. Since that time, CAFCE has been in touch with BioTalent Canada, the association in question. They clarified that these “Corporate Partnerships” have been part of their association’s business for over five years, including for Canadian academic institutions in the form of “Academic Partnerships.” The partnerships are simply a means for individual CAFCE members to enhance their own branding and access to BioTalent Canada’s partnership network which includes some of Canada’s top biotechnology employers across Canada. The partnerships are completely optional and have no impact on access to SWILP funds and programming which will be freely available to all CAFCE members regardless of whether they become Academic Partners of BioTalent Canada.

BioTalent Canada welcomes any further questions or clarifications on the subject. CAFCE members may feel free to contact them at 1-866-243-2472.