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News > Langara is Looking for Two Co-operative Education Instructors !

Langara is Looking for Two Co-operative Education Instructors !

posted on November 20, 2014

Langara is looking for two Co-operative Education Instructors to start in January 2015!  Please see here and here for the detailed job descriptions.


TLI_external_postcard.pdf (application/pdf, 541.7 K) posted at 9:45 AM, October 18, 2018
17SF58_-_Co-Op_Ed_Coordinator_Learner_Services_-Final_Posting_on_Letterhead.pdf (application/pdf, 104.9 K) posted at 11:51 AM, March 15, 2017
Dir Coop Ed Program 20141129 posting.pdf
Dir_Coop_Ed_Program_20141129_posting.pdf (application/pdf, 92.7 K) posted at 8:16 AM, December 5, 2014
NIC.pdf (application/pdf, 19.3 K) posted at 8:16 AM, December 1, 2014
Ed_Leave_One_Term_faculty_posting_Spring_2015_GW.doc (application/msword, 36.8 K) posted at 11:51 AM, November 20, 2014
Coop-Career_Instructor_International_Job_Posting-gw.doc (application/msword, 37.8 K) posted at 11:51 AM, November 20, 2014

The first opening is for a Co-op Instructor to fulfill a one term, full-time education leave.  The second position is an opening for a Career/Coop Instructor. Specializing in working with International students this Instructor will teach pre-requisite courses as well conduct employer development for Langara’s new Post-degree Diploma business programs launching in January 2015.

Application deadline for both positions is November 27th, 2014.

Full job descriptions available and applications accepted via Langara’s online job portal here .


Thank you,

Langara Co-operative Education
T  604.323.5480
F  604.323.5955