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Job Opportunity: Instructional Support Coordinator – EDGE Program (1 year contract)

posted on May 31, 2019
University of Waterloo

This position is accountable to the Manager, EDGE Program for the effective course delivery, program administration, communication, coordination and implementation of the EDGE academic certificate program housed in WatPD.


Course Operations/Program Administration

  • Manage online learning communities ensuring that course cohorts are effectively designated/administered on a termly basis; infuse communities with program information and pedagogical materials required to support student progression in EDGE; align community touchpoints with assignment requirements; rubric documentation and program administration
  • Determine termly marking needs for EDGE; schedule, organize and attend marking meetings; calibrate marking efforts; disseminate feedback mechanisms and grading to student body. Handle informal requests for grade revisions
  • Manage EDGE student completion tracking database with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Ensure student milestone progressions are updated via QUEST in a timely and accurate manner
  • Confirm EDGE completions with the Registrar’s Office to ensure accurate transcript notations and certificate endowments at convocation.
  • Responsible for maintaining ongoing course equivalency inventory for EDGE. Routinely reads Senate minutes and advises on upcoming courses of interest as well as EDGE equivalencies that have been discontinued
  • Investigates course equivalences at the Associate Chair and/or Instructor level across all Faculties
  • Coordinates the logistics of termly workshop/course offerings for EDGE. Ensures website accurately reflects student options
  • Responsible for maintaining preapproved co-curricular/community experiences inventory for EDGE
  • Investigates work/community/co-curricular experiences both on and off campus to ensure alignment with EDGE criteria
  • Coordinates student registration process for EDGE and its various curricular/programming components
  • Manages special registration cases; liaises with Academic Advisors to successfully administer these situations


  • Is the first point of contact for EDGE and provides front line client service. Answers general inquiries and ensures the website is up to date and accurate
  • Coordinates ongoing and targeted communication campaigns through a variety of multimedia outputs
  • Develops and executes classroom visits in an effort to educate students about the benefits of EDGE and how to register for the academic certificate program
  • Strategizes ways to best communicate program-specific options to students across all faculties
  • Prepares reports on EDGE data related to student enrollment, student attrition, co-curricular uptake, external partners and student progression for information sharing purposes

Student/Partner Support

  • Advises students on designing their “EDGE”. Supports student navigation of the various certificate components by providing guidance, information and resources
  • Coordinates peer support, programming and in person connections as they relate to the EDGE online student cohort
  • Respond promptly and professionally to student/partner concerns. Investigate student placement, course operations or program delivery issues as they arise
  • Attends all in-person workshops/seminars to support in house tracking, assessment and the EDGE student experience
  • Represents EDGE at all prospective student programming initiatives including, but not limited to, OUF, March Break Open House, and U at Waterloo Day. Coordinates the EDGE experience at said recruiting events
  • Represents EDGE at all current student programming initiatives including, but not limited to, Orientation Week, Welcome Week, and service fairs. Coordinates the EDGE experience at said recruiting events
  • Participates in student leader training across campus when called upon
  • Coordinates student focus groups and the collection of ongoing feedback with EDGE participants to assist with evaluating the certificate program
  • Connects with students, on campus partners, community organizations and external employers to vet experiential opportunities. Coordinates the completion of student reflections and supervisory evaluations

Supervision and Relationship Management

  • Belongs to a larger group of Instructional Support Coordinators who lead various course teams in WatPD, and provide leadership and continuity across academic terms within Professional Development Courses. Supports the ongoing development of departmental initiatives
  • Hires part-time/casual student staff based on the resourcing needs term to term. Participates in the full supervisory life cycle of student staff members including recruitment, onboarding, training, ongoing support, evaluations and off boarding
  • Supports student success. Provides exceptional client service to EDGE participants and to EDGE stakeholders
  • Establishes and maintains strong working relationships with groups that may need information from EDGE and/or be able to provide assistance, collaboration, and guidance to program delivery and student support. This may include consultation with Faculties and academic support units to assist in their implementation of the EDGE program

Course Development/Pedagogy

  • Identify and understand current/available technologies in online education. Responsive to adapting course and program content in both an online and in-person format
  • Knowledgeable of best practices in experiential education in Higher Education
  • Functions in an instructional design support role. Makes recommendations on how to improve course and program content to maximize student learning and increase student engagement. Supports the adaptation of workshop content to align with faculty specific curriculum and learning objectives
  • Collaborates with campus partners on the effective delivery of experiential modes of education both in and outside of the classroom

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