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ITAC - Career Ready Update

posted on November 17, 2017
November 2017


Fall Placements Still Available

The Government of Canada has provided ITAC with an additional 35 placements for the current year. Our total number of placements for this year (ending April 30th 2018) is 200 and we have placed approximately 60 to-date so we are still able to accept placements for the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 terms.

Government of Canada Definition of “Net New” For Winter 2018

The Government of Canada has provided an exception on the criteria for the Winter (January to April 2018) placements. Whereas for the Fall term, work term placements needed to be in a greater number from the previous year, the Government has made an exception for the Winter placements and for that term ALL placements qualify. The exception was provided as it is challenging to identify whether a placement is net new in the first term of the year. This now creates a great opportunity to significantly increase the eligibility for employers and I encourage you to notify both your current and prospective employers about the change.

Le Programme Préparation de Carriere – Expansion into Québec

Marc Andre Leger has joined the ITAC Career Ready team to service the Québec region.  Marc Andre will actively work with the Québec post-secondary institutions and employer community. You can reach Marc Andre at Career Ready information will become available in French later this month.

Magnet ORBIS Integration Update

The integration between Magnet and ORBIS is progressing, but has not yet been completed. Magnet anticipates it will be completed now early in the New Year.

We will continue to use the Magnet platform and the Manual Process (copy attached) to connect employers with CAFCE member schools that have expressed an interest in partnering with ITAC.  We have asked Magnet to add the “Preferred Province” to the platform, allowing employers to indicate their province of preference for hiring students from. All CAFCE schools which have expressed interest in partnering with ITAC in the preferred province will then receive the posted jobs.

Employers can, of course, continue to post directly on your job board site if they prefer.

Employer Outreach Efforts

Our employer outreach efforts are now in full gear encouraging employers to consider placing students in work terms. We are also in the process of expanding our website information with a specific focus on

creating a resource environment for employers that explains the business case behind hiring WIL students and provides answers to any questions employers may have when hiring student employees. Our new Career Ready site should go live early in the New Year.

We are also planning to hold two webinars in the coming months to promote both WIL and the Career Ready Program. The webinars will be taped and hosted via our website. Information about the webinars will be sent to you shortly.

Finally, we have made some changes to the employer brochure to reflect recent program clarifications received by the Ministry’s office. The new brochure will be distributed to you next week. Please use the revised brochure in your outreach efforts with employers.

If an employer is interested in applying for a wage subsidy, simply point them to the Employer Application Process available via our website at where employers can download the Employer Assessment Form and the Participant Form.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in the ITAC Career Ready Program.

Jan Hall, ITAC Talent
Career Ready Program Manager