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Employer Directors and Managers Expert Community

posted on November 9, 2020

Please help us engage the employer community within in CEWIL.  Over the pandemic, the WIL community has come together like never before.  Over the townhall calls, coffee chats and meetings, we have seen an increased interest in engaging employers in the WIL conversation within the CEWIL membership.  The importance and power of community and collaboration has proven to be extremely valuable and we want to offer our employer community a place to come together to discuss the opportunities, innovations, and challenges of WIL, and the opportunity to work collaboratively with our institutional and associate members. The Employer Directors and Managers Expert Community will reflect the Directors and Managers community we have built withing the institutional membership and will have the opportunity to not only collaborate with each other, but also with the community as a whole.  Its goal is to be a place to have conversations pertinent to the employer perspective, and also bring that perspective to the CEWIL membership.  This group will be for members whose primary purpose in CEWIL is as an employer/host organization in the WIL experience.  We ask you to share this opportunity with your employer partners.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Cara ( or Brien (  Thank you!