National Statistics Database Frequently Asked Questions:

Do British Columbia institutions have to submit to the CEWIL National Statistics Database and to the BC database?

No. ACE-WIL will submit all BC institution data. However, each institution will be assigned an Institutional Admin that can create additional Institutional Users that can view and edit data, as well as access reports.

What is the difference between an 'Institutional Admin' and 'Institutional User'? 

Institutional Admins have full access to add and edit users, programs and upload data for their institution. Institutional Users can simply view reports (for all institutions). 

How do I know if a co-op placement is within the Federal Government Department or Federal Government Agency?

The following link provides clarity (scroll to bottom of Table of Contents)

Federal Government Department:          Schedule 1 & 4
Federal Government Agency:                 Schedule 3 & 5

Can all of my program data go in one spreadsheet?

Yes. All program data can be added in one spreadsheet, each program listed as a separate line, as per this sample sheet

If a program does not have a specific work term, should it still be included in the submission with fields left blank?

No. If a program does not have any students scheduled for work terms during the specific term, please exclude it from the spreadsheet.

Does EnrollmentAll refer to all those enrolled, or all those on a work term?

EnrollmentAll is intended to apply to only those students that were enrolled on a work term for a given semester (as opposed to the total number of students in the given program). 

I have made a mistake in the data that I have uploaded. Can I fix this?

Yes! If you fix the data errors in your excel file and upload it again, it will override the data that was previously added. 

I clicked the "reset password" but have not received an email. Is this normal?

The password reset email can take upwards of an hour to arrive in your inbox, depending on your mail server, so please be patient! 

What is meant by Mandatory Co-op?

A mandatory co-op program is one in which ALL students accepted into a course of study must participate.

Optional, Selective/Optional Co-op Programs are not considered mandatory, although the minimum number of co-op work terms are mandatory to receive the designation.

How is hourly wage determined if only monthly salary is available?

Hourly wage can be calculated on 35 hours/week.