SWPP Partner: 
Information Technology Association of Canada

Program: ITAC Career Ready Program 

Organizations in Canada looking for employees with skills in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Positions you are hiring for can fall under the following categories:

  • Business Technology Management
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Systems Technology
  • Computer Engineering

Complete the Employer Eligibility Assessment and submit it with the necessary documentation outlined in the form.

Who Qualifies: 

Employers must be willing to provide full-time work for a minimum 12-week term duration in a business+technology or technology capacity to be eligible for funding.

Requirements for Students:

Student must be:

  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Enrolled in a either a coop program or found a placement outside of coop in either a Business Technology Management (BTM), Computer Science, Computer Systems Technology, Computer Engineering or alike area.
  • Not currently employed as a paid employee at the host employer

Wage Subsidies:

Wage subsidies of up to 50 percent of the wage cost for the placement (up to a maximum of $5,000 per placement)  up to 70% (max $7,000 per placement) for under-represented students including first-year students, women in STEM, Indigenous students, persons with disabilities and newcomers.

Does the employer need to have a candidate before hiring?


How to apply:

Complete the Employer Eligibility Assessment and submit it with the necessary documentation outlined in the form and submit with all required documents

Have the candidate complete the Participant Information Form.

If you don't have a candidate in mind, you can post your job on the Career Ready Job Portal or find a candidate by posting your job directly with colleges and universities of your choice.

Additional Information:

For more information please connect with Gina van Dalen, Executive Director, ITAC Talent, 905 602 8345 ext. 2010 or gvandalen@itac.ca

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  • Shauna Tonsaker – Simon Fraser University (U)
  • Kitty Runstedler – Conestoga College (C)

2019 Webinar: The ITAC Career Ready Program

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