Dr. Graham Branton Research Award

About This Award

The Research Award was instituted in 1989 to recognize and encourage significant contributions to scholarly research in the fields of co-operative education and work-integrated learning by members of Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL). In 1996, the award was renamed in memory of Dr. Graham Branton.

Significant contributions would normally represent a research study or body of research that has important implications for understanding and/or enhancing co-operative education and work-integrated learning at the post-secondary level in Canada.

While the award does not contain any monetary value, it recognizes the recipient’s contribution to co-operative education and work-integrated learning. 



Nominators must be members of CEWIL Canada.

For an individual award, the candidate must have been a member of CEWIL for at least 6 months prior to submission of a nomination.

In the case of team research, a joint award can be given to a team if all members of the team are members of CEWIL. If a team member(s) is not a CEWIL member, the non-member’s contributions will be acknowledged by CEWIL. 

Although intended as an annual award, there is no commitment by the Nominations and Awards Committee to make a selection each year.

Nominations are closed for the 2019-2020 awards.


(Earl Anderson, BCIT; Larry Iles, TRU; Norah McRae, UVic;
Nancy Reed, UVic' and, July Walchli, UBC (Chair))

The Dr. Graham Branton Research Award was instituted in 1989 to recognize significant contributions by CEWIL Canada members to scholarly research in Co-operative Education and to encourage such research. The award was re-named the Dr. Graham Branton Research Award in 1996, in his memory. This award is sponsored by the University of Victoria and Norah McRae is here to present the award.

The recipient’s of the 2011/12 Dr. Graham Branton Research Award all the members of the Research and Initiatives Committee of the Association of Co-operative Education BC/Yukon (ACE).

The ACE Research Committee is composed of senior co-op professionals from five BC Co-op Institutions - British Columbia Institution of Technology, Simon Fraser University, Thompson Rivers University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria.

The Research and Initiatives Committee of ACE was established in 1998. The committee’s mandate is to explore basic research issues pertaining to Co-operative Education to advance and inform both practice and policy. Over the past several years the committee has undertaken a variety of research projects on topics such as:

Co-op trends, youth employability, and industry and business market projections. Thru research the committee seeks to advance the concept of Co-operative Education both with its member institutions and the wider co-op community.

In April 2012, the committee submitted for publication to the Co-operative Education & internship Association (CEIA) Journal a research study entitled: “Co-op Education and Student Recruitment, Engagement and Success: Early Findings from a Multi-Institutional Study in British Columbia”.

Over the past three years, the committee has delivered several presentations of their findings including:

  1. CEIA National Conference, Portland, Oregon
  2. WACE World Conference, Vancouver, BC
  3. CAFCE National Conference, Charlottetown, PEI
  4. ACE BC Provincial PD Session, Nanaimo, BC
  5. CACUSS, St. John’s, NFLD
  6. CAFCE Atlantic, St. John’s, NFLD

Past accomplishments include:

  • A joint research project with CEIA colleagues in the US (2000)
  • Contributions to the “Handbook for Research in Co-operative Education & Internships” (2003)
  • Support of the CAFCE Research and Stats Committee in 2004/05

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to scholarly research in Co-operative Education, CAFCE would like to present the Dr. Graham Branton Research Award for 2011/12 to the members of the ACE Research and Initiatives Committee with our thanks.

Presented at the CAFCE 2012 Conference, Whistler, BC on Monday, July 30, 2012
Kelly Mahoney, Chair, CAFCE Nominations and Awards Committee (2011/12)

Previous Recipients:

  • 2010: Dr. Maureen Drysdale, St. Jerome's University, University of Waterloo  (awarded on her collection of research work) 
  • 2008: Dr. Geraldine Van Gyn, University of Victoria  (awarded on his collection of research work) 
  • 2005: Joy Hanley and Ellen MacFarlane - St. Francis Xavier University (The Feasibility of Establishing a Cooperative BScN Program in Nursing in Nova Scotia)
  • 1999: Dr. Rick Reeves, University of Victoria (awarded on his collection of research work) 
  • 1997: Nancy Davidge Johnston, Simon Fraser University (The Nature of Learning in Co-operative Education in the Applied Sciences)
  • 1996: Gregory Noah, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Investigating the Perception of an Increasing Employer to Co-op Student Ratio on Co-ordinator's Activities)
  • 1995: Michel Laporte, Collège de l'Outaouais 
  • 1994: Daphne Lordly, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • 1992: Dr. Graham Branton, University of Victoria
  • 1991: Dr. James W. Wilson, Northeastern University 
  • 1990: Dr. Patricia Rowe, University of Waterloo