Nomination Guide and Form

What is the composition and tenure of service of the CEWIL Canada Board of Directors?

The affairs of the CEWIL Canada are managed by a Board of fourteen (14) Directors, each of whom at the time of election or appointment and throughout the term of office shall be a member in good standing.  The election or appointments of the CEWIL Canada Board of Directors will be announced during the annual meeting. These Directors will take office immediately subsequent the annual meeting and hold office until the following annual meeting or until a successor is elected or appointed. The Directors of the Association shall be:

Executive Committee

  1. The President (1 year and automatically moves to Past President)
  2. The President-Elect (1 year and automatically moves to President)
  3. The Secretary (1 year an automatically moves off the Board)
  4. The Treasurer (Appointed by the Board, from time to time, as deemed appropriate)
  5. The Past President (1 year and automatically moves off the Board)

Employer Representatives

  1. Representative-at-Large (1 year, appointed by the Executive Committee and Regional Representatives)
  2. Representative-at-Large (1 ,year appointed by the Executive Committee and Regional Representatives)

Regional Representatives

  1. The Atlantic Region (appointed by the region)
  2. The Quebec Region (appointed by the region)
  3. The Ontario Region (appointed by the region)
  4. The Manitoba Region (appointed by the region)
  5. The Saskatchewan Region (appointed by the region)
  6. The Alberta Region (appointed by the region)
  7. The B.C./Yukon Region (appointed by the region)


  1. Director-at-Large (University) (1 year term)
  2. Director-at-Large (College) (1 year term)
  3. WIL - Director-at-Large (University) (1 year term)
  4. WIL - Director-at-Large (College) (1 year term)

The function of the Board of Directors includes but not limited to:

  • furthering the objectives of CEWIL Canada
  • representing the membership
  • administering the business of CEWIL Canada between meetings of the board and the members
  • formulating policies, regulations and practices to govern the activities of CEWIL Canada
  • directing the execution of the policies, regulations and practices


  • Elections happen every year, in advance of the CEWIL Canada AGM. The call for nominations usually goes out late in the Summer and the new board is voted in at the AGM.
  • Nominee’s consent is required before submitting the nomination.
  • Nominated candidates must receive their employer's support to invest the financial and time commitment to assume the responsibility of their Board position. (Monthly teleconference meetings and 3 in-person Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting at their own expense).
  • No Member may nominate himself or herself.
  • The president-elect, immediate past president, secretary and treasurer may receive financial assistance of a maximum $1,000 per fiscal year to attend the in-person CEWIL Canada board meetings. The President may recieve financial assistance of a maximum of $1,500.00 to attend in-person meetings.