Where to Begin?



  • Do your programs meet accreditation criteria and is documentation available?


  • Contact a colleague with accredited programs about reviewing a successful accreditation application
  • Seek advice or answers to questions from members of the accreditation council
  • Volunteer to serve on an accreditation review team to learn how applications are built and evaluated


  • You may begin planning and preparation of materials for your application at any time, although a program must have graduates prior to being accredited
  • Develop timelines for approval of any required documents within your institution
  • Plan to submit your application by February 1 to have it reviewed in conjunction with the accreditation council meeting scheduled with CEWIL Canada’s AGM or biennial national conference, or by August 1 to have it reviewed at the accreditation meeting held each February

Tips for Developing Key Reference Materials

Key documents will cover many criteria.

  • Ensure that your institution's official documents, such as the calendar, include all of the components of CEWIL Canada’s criteria for co-operative education
  • Careful wording in institutional and co-operative education material such as the calendar, employer and student handbooks, and promotional material will ensure that policies and standards are outlined and incorporated and provide evidence for many of the criteria
  • Give yourself time to do the research and put critical elements in place