How to Apply?

Detailed Application Process


  • At least one employee must be a current member of CEWIL; for decentralized programs, a current member of CEWIL is required for each area seeking accreditation
  • A program must have graduates in order to be eligible for accreditation
  • Ensure you are using the most current application for accreditation
  • All applications are treated as confidential; one copy should be retained by the applicant. The CEWIL Office will retain a copy of the submission page, an electronic version of the narrative (as outlined below), and associated correspondence
  • A successful review will result in a program being accredited for a period of six years
    If your application includes programs that have been previously accredited, include a copy of the written recommendations provided to your institution through the previous review process. If you no longer have a copy, please contact the CEWIL National Office. As you complete Sections B-G, please address any progress made with regard to the written recommendations.

CEWIL Accreditation Guidelines and Application


  • Complete Part A, listing programs (and options) for which you are seeking accreditation. Multiple programs which are designed and operated in the same manner may be included within one application; programs which operate independently within a faculty or division require separate copies of Part A
  • Select either “Co-op Internship”(one single work period) or alternating “Co-op” (more than one work period)
  • Select “Mandatory” if co-op is required of all students in the academic program, “Optional” if students decide whether to participate in co-op or not and the program does not have selection criteria, or “Selective” if students are admitted according to selection criteria
  • Specify the wording requested on the accreditation certificate by completing the sample.  A copy of the certificate will be provided to successful applicants.
  • Respond to the questions outlined in Parts B to G, providing a concise rationale to help readers grasp the nature of your practice. Statements should be referenced with support documentation in an appendix. The appendix numbers should correspond with instructions provided in each question, and, where appropriate, provide specific page numbers and tabs noting the location of the required information
  • In most cases your documentation will be your institution’s calendar, formally approved policies and procedures, and print materials such as student and employer handbooks, etc.
  • For an application to be recommended for accreditation, the review committee must be satisfied that all required criteria are met; Part G provides you with an opportunity to also identify program enhancements
  • The Accreditation Council accepts applications throughout the year for February 1st and August 1st deadlines.
  • When you have completed your application (4 copies), please send an electronic copy of the Submittal Cover Pages (Part A) including the narrative without appendices (to be archived for future reference) to the CEWIL office.
  • Mail the non-refundable Accreditation Fee payment of $500 to the CEWIL office. Please contact the office for the mailing address. 
  • Upon receiving confirmation from the Chair of Accreditation with the three review team members, please forward a copy of the complete application in a three-ring binder to each of them. Retain the fourth copy for your reference.
  • Once accreditation has expired, your subsequent application must include a copy of any written recommendations provided by the previous review team and it should address progress made on these recommendations. Contact the CEWIL office if you do not have a copy.


  • The Chair of the council will appoint a committee of three to examine the application. The review team will be members of CEWIL and the Chair of the review team will be a member of the Accreditation Council. Where possible, at least one member will be from the same geographic region as the institution seeking accreditation.
  • No employee of the institution seeking accreditation may be on the review committee.
  • Accreditation Council and/or review team members agree to treat all application submission materials as confidential. Information may not be shared (outside of the accreditation review process) or used in any way without authorization from the applicant.
  • The CEWIL office will confirm receipt of your application and the anticipated assessment completion date
  • The Chair of the review team initiates the review process with team members by establishing a timeline in order to meet the anticipated completion date. Review team members will normally review the application and consult by telephone and email. The Chair of the review team will contact you if any clarification is necessary
  • On-site visits are usually not required. If an on-site visit is deemed necessary, all arrangements and costs must be agreed to, in writing to Council, and borne by the applicant
  • Recommendations will be made by the review committee and submitted in writing to the council for consideration and a decision at the next council meeting. Specific recommendations to institutions will be retained by the CEWIL office
  • The council Chair will advise the applicant of the council’s decision in writing. A decision not to grant accreditation will be confidential and may be appealed, in writing, within 30 days. The applicant will have access to the comments of the review committee
  • Once an application is deemed accredited or closed, the CEWIL office will advise the committee Chair to destroy the copies of the application. You are requested to retain one copy and make it available upon request during subsequent reviews

Appeal Procedure

  • The Chair of the council will appoint an appeal committee (with the same structure as a review committee) to reassess the application. Members of the original review committee may not sit on the appeal committee
  • The appeal committee will consider all documentation submitted by the applicant and the initial review team. The committee may consult as they deem appropriate
  • Recommendations will be made by the appeal committee and submitted in writing to the council for consideration and decision at the next council meeting. The council Chair will advise the applicant of the council’s decision in writing, and the decision will be deemed final. The applicant will have access to all relevant documentation.