Accreditation Application

The process of seeking accreditation requires the preparation of comprehensive documentation to demonstrate that the co-operative education programs at your institution meet national standards. Once a co-operative education program has successfully passed the accreditation process, the accredited status is valid for six (6) years.

The application has been designed so that you may enter your responses directly within the template and it contains some instructions. Please see How to apply? for additional details on preparing your submission.

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We encourage you to seek assistance from a member of the Accreditation Council either when considering applying or when completing the application.


  • The Accreditation Council accepts applications throughout the year for February 1st and August 1st deadlines.
  • When you have completed your application (4 copies), please send an electronic copy of the Submittal Cover Pages (Part A) including the narrative without appendices (to be archived for future reference) to the CEWIL office. Please keep the completed binders, as they will be mailed directly to the review team members.
  • Mail the non-refundable Accreditation Fee payment of CDN $500 to the CEWIL office. Please contact the office for the mailing address.
  • Upon receiving confirmation from the Accreditation Chair with the three review team members, please forward a copy of the complete application in a three-ring binder to each of them. Retain the fourth copy for your reference.

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