Quality Council

Announcing the Launch of CEWIL’s Quality Council

CEWIL Canada kicks off Co-op & WIL Month by introducing the formation of the Quality Council for Canadian Work-Integrated Learning post-secondary programs.

The CEWIL Quality Council’s mandate is to enhance the education of post-secondary students as they integrate academic and guided work, community and industry experiences within a WIL framework.

The Quality Council, which is comprised of some of Canada’s lead researchers, thought leaders, practitioners and experts with the WIL community, will work to share best practices and quality improvement guidelines that support student success, strengthen student outcomes, and encourage flexibility and innovation in higher education.

“Our leadership in co-op accreditation, quality frameworks and best practices from many Canadian institutions and industry partners makes Canada an exciting place be a WIL practitioner, industry partner, and also a student who benefits from the many investments in WIL at national and provincial levels” CEWIL President, Cara Krezek

Muriel Klemetski, the inaugural Chairperson for the CEWIL Quality Council, has been a leader in the field of Co-op and Work-Integrated Learning for over 30 years with experience with the provincial, national, and world associations (ACE WIL BC, CEWIL Canada, and WACE).  She is a strong advocate for the improvement of quality WIL programming to enhance the education of students as they integrate academic and guided work and community experiences. 

“The experience from the long standing CEWIL Accreditation Council (est. 1979) which has accredited almost 50 university and college co-op programs in Canada over the past six years” says Muriel Klemetski, Chair of the CEWIL Quality Council, “along with the establishment of the new Quality Council will provide a solid framework for Canadian post-secondary programs to enhance the WIL experience and learning for our students.  The inaugural Quality Council has top researchers and WIL leaders dedicated to collaborating with programs from across the country to elevate and attain the highest innovative standards in Canada for Co-op and Work Integrated Learning programs".


Did you know? 

  • CEWIL membership includes over 100 institutions and 1,000 individuals
  • Over 50 institutions have received program Accreditation by CEWIL
  • CEWIL has defined WIL