CEWIL Canada Industry & Community Partner Membership

A CEWIL Canada Industry & Community Partner Membership is a means to:

  • Create a competitive edge for your organization in the recruitment of student talent.
  • Develop stronger ties with co-operative education and work-integrated learning partners (post-secondary institutions, students & employers).

Industry & Community Partner Organizational Membership:

  • Promote your organization to co-operative education and work-integrated learning professionals and students in your introductory year, through a webinar aimed at increasing the profile of your organization with members.
  • Corporate logo placement on the CEWIL Canada website to provide heightened recognition.
  • Sponsorship first right of refusal for aligning your organization’s support with a CEWIL Canada event.
  • Recognition as an elite and desired Co-op and WIL Employer during National Co-operative Education & WIL Week.

Further benefits of Industry & Community Partner Membership:

  • Network with more than 400 national institutional members through our interactive website members’ forum and membership directory.
  • Ensure your voice can influence a national co-operative education and work-integrated learning agenda.
  • Consult with co-op experts who willingly offer ways to improve your organization’s recruitment strategy for new and seasoned, small or large, co-op and WIL initiatives.
  • Benchmark best practices by attending our biennial national conference, regional professional development sessions and webcasts. 
  • Access expertise for research in work-integrated learning.
  • Gain International perspectives on co-operative education and work-integrated learning through your complimentary WACE (World Association for Co-operative Education) membership, included with CEWIL Canada membership.

Who can benefit from an Industry & Community Partner Membership?

  • Campus Recruitment Representatives 
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • All business professionals engaged in strategic recruitment and placement of co-op students

Upcoming Professional Development Activities:

  • March 18 - 22, 2019 - National Co-op & WIL Week



Industry & Community Partner Organizational Membership Fee


An industry/community partner’s first membership costs $350, while all additional memberships cost only $200 each, up to a maximum price of $4,150 (cost of 20 members: 1 x $350 + 19 x $200). After paying for 20 members, all subsequent members are at no additional cost.