SWPP Partner: 
Electricity Human Resources Canada

Program: Empowering Futures

STEM and business positions are supported - this is not specific to programs.

Who Qualifies: 

Organizations in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and supporting service organizations.

Requirements for Students:

Must be registered full-time in PSE, legally entitled to work in Canada, a Canadian, PR or refugee.

Wage Subsidies:

$5,000 - $7,000 

Does the employer need to have a candidate before hiring?

Check with SWPP contact for details. 

How to apply:

Complete the employer and participant application forms at: https://forms.electricityhr.ca/Participant-Information-Form and https://forms.electricityhr.ca/Employer-Eligibility-Assessment or if applying without a student for the renewable 30 day pre-approval - just complete the employer eligibility form. Next steps involve completing a learning plan online and an online bank transfer document. 

Additional Information:

For more details on EHRC's Student Work Placement Program visit: www.electricityhr.ca/empowering-futures.    


  • Bob Eichvald – York University (U)
  • Tony Slade - College of the North Atlantic (C)

2018 Webinar: EHRC