COVID-19 Resources

CEWIL Canada is committed to bringing together the co-operative education and work-integrated learning community during this uncertain and unprecedented time. We have seen our membership and partners join together to work through unpredictable challenges and we are proud to provide leadership and guidance as much as possible during this time. We will continue to offer updates to our community and partners and offer ways to collaborate and share information and best practices.  

We are offering weekly meetings on Monday's at 1:00 (EST) for our community and guests to come together to discuss recent events as well as to share information.  Please email for information on how to join these virtual meetings.  

Thank you to the CEWIL community for your leadership, your passion and your commitment to work-integrated learning throughout this ever changing time.  Please continue to come back to this page for up-to-date information and sharing.  

CEWIL Resources

  • CEWIL's COVID-19 Response [link]
  • The CEWIL Canada Accreditation Council acknowledges the need to show this flexibility and leniency and will not jeopardize any institutions’ accreditation status during the time frame impacted by COVID-19. Click here to view the full statement from the Accreditation Council Chair, Scott Davis.
  • Private directors and managers LinkedIn group for members to share best practices [link]
    • This LinkedIn group is only intended for DMAC Members; however, all CEWIL members can access the CEWIL Canada LinkedIn page [link]
  • Anticipated Data For Spring/Summer Survey for DMAC Members to complete [link]

We are pleased to share with you resources on how to best serve your students remotely, as well as tips for students who are working from home. Click the links below the icons to download the resources. 




Tips for Working at Home
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Tips for Onboarding Students Remotely
Click here to access PDF
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Tips for Supervising Students Remotely
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Government Resources

  • Information regarding implied status for work permit holders [link]

Industry Resources

  • Free webinar series, Thriving Through Chaos: How to Manage Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being and Help Your Clients Do the Same, hosted by CERIC [link]
  • COVID-19 Resources available on CEWIL's Association Management Company, Redstone Agency's website [link]