Post-Secondary Institutions

CEWIL Canada's mission is to build the capacity to develop future-ready students through quality work-integrated learning. Through an engaged partnership between a post-secondary institution, an employer, and a student, everyone benefits.

Benefits for Post-Secondary Institutions

  • WIL programs attract top-quality, well-motivated students, which leads to increased enrollment.
  • WIL students improve the institution’s visibility and reputation through their interactions with the community.
  • Institutions gain information on current research and development in employer sectors, which leads to collaboration opportunities.
  • Because of their increased engagement, WIL students enrich the general educational community of the campus.
  • Institutions receive feedback from employers on the quality and relevance of program curriculum.

Co-operative Education Recruiting Ethics

The successful recruitment of co-operative education students depends upon the collective activities of three parties: the interested employer, the co-op student, and the associated educational institution. All participants must adhere to Provincial and Federal legislation in their recruitment and employment practices. However, CEWIL (formerly the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education) supports additional guidelines concerning recruiting ethics that support the development of a mutually beneficial and fair process for all concerned.

  • Inform students, employers, and other interested parties of institutional policies and procedures.
  • Provide equal services to all students and employers.
  • Accommodate employers' reasonable requests for job postings, interview space, and presentation facilities.
  • Provide students with accurate information on all recruiting employers.
  • Notify the employer of any hiring limitations prior to them conducting interviews.
  • Notify employers of any students who, after being hired, are not academically eligible to continue in their program.

Download a complete copy of Recruiting Ethics - Employer, Student, Institution.