Accreditation Review Teams

Volunteer to be a reader on a review team to learn how applications are evaluated. The reader role takes anywhere from four (4) to eight (8) hours of your time in total, depending upon the complexity of the application. You could be expected to review a new application or a program that has been previously accredited.

The best way to prepare for being a reader is to view the accreditation materials available for download on the CEWIL website. If you become familiar with the standards as noted in the documents and the preambles to each section, you will quickly learn what to look for in an application. Typically, the Chair of the review team will set up a schedule in consultation with the two (2) other team members to move the review process along. You are normally given at least a month to read through the submitted application and make notations (such as noting an excellent student preparation program). You will also flag any questions you have (such as, "how are employers informed of their roles?").

After team members have had time to review the materials, the team Chair arranges a teleconference where the members consider the various criteria and discuss their findings and recommendations. If required, the Chair contacts the applicant to clarify any questions the team might have. The Chair then updates the team via e-mail. After the team has come to an agreement, the Chair writes a letter to the Accreditation Council Chair outlining their recommendations and any notations that the team thinks appropriate to include. It is important that all required criteria are met in order for the application to be accredited; recommended criteria (in Part G) are identified as program enhancements only. The team's letter is reviewed at the next scheduled Accreditation Council meeting and the Council votes on the recommendation. The applicant is then notified of the decision.

Accreditation Review Team Documents

The following documents were created to assist reviewers in the accreditation process: