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Co-op Program Directory

The Co-operative Education Directory is a comprehensive listing of the post-secondary co-operative education programs of member institutions in Canada.



Mission and Objectives


Our mission is to foster and advance post-secondary co-operative education in Canada.

Develop resources to promote the highest quality of post-secondary co-operative Education Programs Establish national standards and promote the value of post-secondary Co-operative Education
Foster the community of practice through collaboration  Deliver opportunities for learning and sharing of best practices


To be the voice for post-secondary co-operative education in Canada.

Goal #1: Accreditation

Promote the value of accreditation as a means to enhance post-secondary co-operative education in Canada.

  • Improve communication and promote to our members
  • Provide mentorship for institutions considering accreditation
  • Explore other ways to support institutions through the accreditation process

Goal #2: Capacity Building

Develop and implement a plan to increase our capacity to achieve our goals and deliver value to our members

  • Create a plan to make the best use of our finances and ensure the future stability of the organization
  • Develop programs to increase volunteer participation and support by a broader group of members
  • Invest in appropriate databases/information systems to support our goals

Goal #3: Professional Development & Membership Services

Expand professional development opportunities and membership services

  • Increase PD, sharing of best practices, networking
  • Capitalize on international partnerships/alliances
  • Address geographical barrier
  • Explore possibility of professional designation and/or enhanced training
  • Research
  • Increase the value of membership

Goal #4: Marketing

Develop and implement a marketing and communications plan to enhance our position as the national voice for co-operative education.

  • National presence / awareness
  • Government Awareness
  • Member communication; info updates; promoting benefits; engaging members to embrace CAFCE

Goal #5: Membership

Attract and engage more members.

  • Better communicate the value of membership
  • Increase memberships at existing member institutions
  • Increase member engagement in CAFCE
  • Increase member satisfaction  in CAFCE


To achieve these five goals, we call for all of CAFCE members to volunteer on a Committee. Check out the opportunities to serve your fellow members by checking out the Member Volunteer Opportunities.